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In Developing new products, experimenting with the various possible uses is inevitable. I believe there are many uses for The Ultimate Dryer in the highway industry. We have all seen that when blacktop forms a pothole, and cold patching is used, the pot hole almost always pops out within a short period of time. The Ultimate Dryer has proven results that show we can preheat the pothole, lay the new blacktop down, then reheat it, and roll it out to get a more permanent bond. This was done and after one year the results showed these pot holes still had a solid patch in place.  Also, when intersections and other asphalt areas are marked using semi-permanent stickers, the process could be more effecient preheating the asphalt before the sticker is laid for a longer lasting stay. In the paving process, the dryer can be used to remove the moisture from the asphalt for a longer lasting surface. The Ultimate Dryer  as I have said is very versitale. It can be mounted on a truck or be pulled on a trailer. The size will vary based on customer need and we now have smaller models that will fit an RTV or on a small trailer that can be pulled with an ATV. With over 1,000 degrees of heat distributed onto the surface, highway projects would be much more efficeint using The Ultimate Dryer.
                                    US Patent #8,296,968
Model TD14F
Model TD14²
Model TD34