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For many years, I watched races wondering why there was not a more efficient way to dry the race track when it rained. The jet dryer is so slow and the noise is unbelievable. I am an industrial burner service technician and am intrigued with heating processes. After talking to several people I decided I would try to come up with a more economical way to help the local tracks dry their tracks and have fewer rain outs. As I talked of different methods, I tolerated many friends doubting my abilities, so of course, I had to try to build one. The first try was a success.

We have used the dryer to dry baseball fields, drag strips, truck pull tracks, and to see how it would melt ice from roads and bridges. I made a believer out of my friends and the more people who saw it, the more they liked it. The heating process is unique in itself, so I applied for a patent and it has been approved.

The jet dryers used to dry race tracks are very successful in drying the tracks. The noise levels however are less desirable and the cost of running the jet dryers make track owners cringe when they know they have to use them. To maintain the jet dryers are very expensive as well.

With The Ultimate Dryer, the noise level is no more than that of a riding lawn mower. The ease of operation and the low maintenance of the dryer sells itself. The cost is almost half that of the expense of operating a jet dryer.

                                    US Patent #8,296,968