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After many discussions with people associated with the rail road industry, we have discovered even more uses for The Ultimate Dryer. As evidenced in the ice storm of 2009, the railroad could benefit greatly from it. The railroad companies had many man hours in clearing ice and snow off the tracks and on switches located on the tracks. Even the switches that have heaters located on them needed de-icing due to failures from the weather. The Ultimate Dryer can be modeled to fit the rail trucks, speed swings or customized to fit your needs that would allow for easy de-icing and snow removal. During 2015 we have once again worked closely with the railroad industry to build a new unit at their request which would allow them to be able to remove snow and ice from their walkways between the tracks to make it safer for their employees. Our newest model the TD24 SBS is mounted on an RTV and includes a snow plow as shown in the pictures above and below.

BNSF Railroad Quincy Mo. and Kansas City KS.

 BNSF Railroad Lincoln NE, Alliance NE, Burlington IA

 CSX Railroad Cinncinnati Oh.

 TD-14 Speed Swing Attached Model

                                    US Patent #8,296,968

 CSX Railroad Syracuse NY.

 CSX Railroad Evansville IN.

Model TD34HV is capable of being truck bed mounted or
forked with speed swing. There are no attachments needed the
hood is remote controlled and stays on unit. It is also equipped
with 4 high intensity led work lights on the back and it comes
with a 500,000 btu hand held torch on a 50' hose reel.

 Model TD34HV

Newest Model TD24 SBS

The TD24SBS is the total package. It has all the same options that the larger unit has, remote controlled, Led work light, 500,000 btu hand held torch on a 50' hose reel and the cab is equipped with heat and air conditioning.