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Winter brings many different conditions to our everyday life. The amount of snow and ice winter brings; results in slippery sidewalks and parking lots. Salts and other chemicals used to clear the sidewalks and parking lots take a toll of the concrete, and asphalt. Over time the concrete and asphalt breaks down from the harsh chemicals used to melt away the snow and ice. The Ultimate Dryer serves as a solution to this problem. The Ultimate Dryer is able to produce heat over 1,000 degrees. The Ultimate Dryer uses no harsh chemical or salts. Therefore serves no role in the break down of the concrete or asphalt, as the chemicals and salts do. The Ultimate Dryer can be put in the back of an RTV, and can also be made in towable, line driver attachement, and fork attachment models.  The power and the convenience of the The Ultimate Dryer resolves our problems of slippery sidewalks and parking lots, without using the harsh chemicals or salts.

                                    US Patent #8,296,968
Model TD14F
Model TD24SBS